How I Landed Big Interviews with a New Blog

get interviews with a new blog

I knew I wanted to start a blog.  I just didn’t know why anybody would want to read it.

I’m writing on the topic of building, engaging, and monetizing an online audience.  I’m making my blog a live case study on how to build a massive online follow.  My stratospheric goal is to get 5,000 visitors in my first month of blogging.

The problem is I’ve never built an online audience before.  I don’t even have that many Facebook friends.

So how was I going to get people to visit my blog?

By interviewing people who had built online audiences! Continue reading “How I Landed Big Interviews with a New Blog”

You Should Start a Mommy Blog (I’m Serious!)

worth it to start a mommy blog

Disclaimer: I’m a guy who has internally chuckled at mommy bloggers in the past. To say this blog post turned out much differently than I expected would be an understatement. 

Over the last two years I have noticed a surprising trend among my friend circle.  A large number of young mothers I know are starting “mommy blogs.”  Some of them are blogging just for family and friends.  A few have developed large audiences and seem to be having great financial success. I was curious; for most women, is it worth it to start a mommy blog? Continue reading “You Should Start a Mommy Blog (I’m Serious!)”