You Should Start a Mommy Blog (I’m Serious!)

Disclaimer: I’m a guy who has internally chuckled at mommy bloggers in the past. To say this blog post turned out much differently than I expected would be an understatement. 

Over the last two years I have noticed a surprising trend among my friend circle.  A large number of young mothers I know are starting “mommy blogs.”  Some of them are blogging just for family and friends.  A few have developed large audiences and seem to be having great financial success. I was curious; for most women, is it worth it to start a mommy blog?

With all the interest in becoming a mommy blogger, I thought I would write an article on the topic.

From the outside, the parent blogging market seems saturated.   I was sure the industry was cutthroat.  I imagined it being like Hollywood; moms would start a blog hoping to be “discovered” only to have their hopes shattered by the cold winds of an uncaring reality.

I already had a catchy, controversial headline picked out; “The Rise and Fall of Mommy Blogging.”

I didn’t want to pry into my friends’ blogging lives, but I needed to do research for this article.  I decided to reach out to some mommy bloggers I didn’t know to get an insiders’ perspective of the industry.

Diving Into the Curious World of Mommy Blogging

I stumbled on The site ranks the “best in the biz” mom blogs.  Just discovering the fact that these blogs are voted on and ranked reinforced my opinion that this is a competitive industry.

worth it to start a mommy blog

While trying to find some good bloggers to interview, I got sucked into the strangely addictive world of mommy blogging.  So many of these blogs are about parenting and lifestyles, but a lot of them have a little twist too.  I read about a woman that juggles parenting with marathon training.  Another about the struggles of being a foster mom. There were others with religious, travel, crafting themes.

I reached out to several of my favorite bloggers and asked them to be interviewed for this story.  As I began emailing with these women I received my first lesson about mommy bloggers:  They are the nicest people in the world!  Seriously, all these ladies have significant followings.  Yet, they all were more than willing to take time out of their day to be interviewed for a new website that hadn’t even been launched yet.

Petriana from the Walking Mombie, Arlene from Arl’s World, Teri from Shh! Mommy’s Drinking (No, it’s not about alcohol), and Jacqui from One Messy Mama all gave insights to this article.  And boy, do these women have some good insights!

Okay. So my preconception about mommy bloggers being cutthroat apparently wasn’t true.  They are actually super nice and helpful.

However, I still believed the mommy blogging world was a uniquely difficult place to build a business.  The interview questions I asked were clearly slated towards the jaded.

worth it to start a mommy blogDespite my best intentions to temper their enthusiasm, the interviewees delivered a very clear message:

These women love being mommy bloggers!  Even more surprisingly; they think you should be one too!

One of my interview questions was, “on a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend to a friend that they should become a mommy blogger?”  The average answer?  An astonishing 9 out of 10.

worth it to start a mommy blog

There are many good reasons to begin a blog.  Petrina originally began Walking Mombie to help cope with postpartum depression and anxiety.  She quickly found her blog was helping thousands of other women in similar situations.   Today she continues to receive immense personal satisfaction from helping others through her articles.

Arlene began her blog as a creative outlet.  She always had a passion for writing.  Now her articles are read by parents around the world.

Teri started her blog as a way of documenting the pregnancy of her first child.  Since then, her blog has blossomed into a compilations of fashion, humor, recipes, and thoughts on life.  It also helps her to connect with others in the blogging community.  She says, “It can get boring and lonely when you don’t leave the house much and use phrases like “ouchies” “peepee” and “numnums” on the regular.”

No matter what your reason for wanting to start a mommy blog, there is space for you.

worth it to start a mommy blog

All our mommy bloggers rated their personal satisfaction of blogging as above average.  What’s even more surprising, all the women rated their “financial satisfaction” with blogging as above average too!

This surprising tidbit of information turned my perception of blogging upside down.  Not only do these entrepreneurs enjoy blogging, they are making money from it too.

worth it to start a mommy blog

So how much money can mommy bloggers make?

Asking that question is like asking how much money basketball players make.  Some do it for free.  Others make millions of dollars.  It all just depends.

That being said, there is money out there for those that want it!

Chantal from Busy Blogging Mom made nearly $1000 in her sixth month of blogging! Lena from What Mommy Does makes over $3,000 a month! Sarah from worked her butt off and started making $10,000 a month in her first year of blogging.

Let’s say it again for the people in the back. There are new mommy bloggers making over $10,000 a month!

Although most women don’t start blogging to get rich, clearly for some ladies, it’s financially worth it to start a mommy blog.

Like Motherhood in General, Blogging Requires Patience

Just because the women I interviewed love blogging (and are apparently make money from it too) doesn’t mean it’s always rainbows and butterflies.  Every blogger I spoke to had a time where they wanted to quit.

Jacqui from One Messy Mama encompassed the whole panel’s feelings when she said, “As a mom; what I struggle with most of all is finding time – finding the time to just sit and write. To allow my thoughts to wander, and play around with the words I need to share them. I do, after all, have 4 little ones demanding my attention 24/7… which makes for great writing material,but not always the time to write it.”

Teri from Shh! Mommy’s Drinking shared about a time when she temporarily closed her blog because she thought nobody was reading it.  She enjoyed blogging, but couldn’t see the point continuing if nobody read what she wrote.  Once the blog was closed, she had a reader reach out to her through Instagram and say how much she missed the blog.

That one piece of encouragement was enough to get Teri back on the bandwagon.  Today Shh! Mommy’s Drinking is a thriving community with thousands of readers.

Perseverance is key.  Put in the work and the success will come.

Mommy Blogging: Not a Bad Gig

The women I interviewed did have some words of caution.  They gave excellent advice for aspiring mommy (and daddy!) bloggers.  I will write another article with some of their tips on starting a successful blog.  However, two central themes came out in all my interviews.

  • These women love being mommy bloggers
  • They believe anybody can start a successful blog

In the end, I had to scrap my original title for this article.  For most women, starting a mommy blog is a worth while venture. Mommy blogging is not the depressing industry I imagined it to be.  Instead, the blogosphere is made up of some really cool people writing about some really cool things!  So if you are one of those people that internally snickers when you meet a mom that blogs, just stop.  Chances are she has a bigger business than you!

The Mommy Blogging world is still one I’m fascinated in learning more about.  Share your experience with me in the comments below!

Petrina Burman is the owner and author of The Walking Mombie blog. After giving birth, she decided to stay home to raise her son and that’s when she officially became The Walking Mombie (sleep deprived and craving caffeine. Since the need to create and help others runs through her veins, she decided to make the best of both worlds and created The Walking Mombie blog. Through her writing, she is able to provide others with useful parenting tips, photography & blogging tips, product reviews, free printable’s, and ways to save money as well as creative ways to make money from home.

Arlene is a Texas-based, single mother of two sons. Outside of working two jobs, she works on her love of blogging, painting and baking. She enjoys playing with the families two dogs, going to the beach and watching her youngest son play soccer. Her writings can be found at:


Teri is wife to Rich, mom to Olivia (3) and Liam (2). In the winter you can find her planning over-the-top excessive birthday parties and holiday parties. ‘Overboard’ just may be her middle name. In the summer the family travels the US in a home on wheels working state fairs throughout the country. Yes, they’re carnies. They also have all their teeth. Teri blogs about recipes you probably shouldn’t recreate, her life on the road, her (almost unhealthy) obsession with the Bachelor along with recaps, and the insane things that come out of her childrens’ mouths. She enjoys all you can eat chips and salsa, a sturdy glass of Chardonnay, and trashy tv.

Hi. I’m Jacqui from One Messy Mama. Recently immigrated from South Africa to Michigan USA. 4 children (7,6,4 & 2) , baby #5 due in May. I believe that parenting is not perfect, and that’s OK. We live and learn through parenting hallelujah moments and epic fail moments. xx


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