Why Small Entrepreneurs Need Big Goals

Or at least I do

Back in 2014 I started listening to a podcast called StartUp.  Season one followed host Alex Blumberg as he attempted to start a “podcast business.” Each episode focused on an area of early entrepreneurship.  Alex recorded himself pitching to investors, negotiating with potential co-founders, and sharing doubts with his wife.  The show was transparent to a point I had never seen before.

The series was a breakout hit.  Over a 1,000,000 people a week listed to it.  The business Alex started is now a thriving network of high-quality podcasts.

Something about StartUp captured my imagination.  The internet is full of gurus.  It’s easy for people who have already “made it” to impart advice to aspiring minions.  However, the more successful somebody is, the more difficult it is to relate to their experiences.

Hustlers Inspire

I love the Smart Passive Income Podcast.  Patt Flynn is a hero of mine.  The man is an amazing entrepreneur and seems like a genuinely good human being.  However, it’s hard for me to relate to his personal story.  Pat has been making money online for over a decade.  The man is a legend in the passive income space.  He is so high up in the stratosphere that us mere mortals can barely see him!

Adam, Patt Flynn

On the other hand, I am hugely inspired by success stories of small business owners.  One of my favorite time wasting activities is reading “income reports” from bloggers.  These are folks that may only be making one or two thousand dollars a month.  However, they are so relatable!  Not very long ago they were where I am now.  They know how it feels to start a business from scratch.  These are the folks that are going through the entrepreneurship struggle right now!

I’m so grateful for the entrepreneurs that have been transparent with sharing their own struggles.  Inside stories from small business owners have inspired me to pursue my own entrepreneurial journey.  In the spirit of giving back, I am going to follow in the footsteps of StartUp.  Alex Blumberg created a podcast on starting a podcast.  I’m creating a blog on starting a blog.

What’s that saying? Something About ‘Shooting for the Stars…’

There are a lot of blogging resources out there so I’m going to niche down a little bit.  I am producing content specifically on building, engaging, and monetizing an online audience.  As I write about these topics, I will simultaneous create case studies on how I am building my own online audience.  You will see how I go from having absolutely zero readers to (hopefully) building a large following.

If you are looking for an underdog story, look no further.  I am starting with virtually no online audience building experience.  I have half heatedly begun blogs and websites in the past only to have them crash and burn.  Although I hate to admit it, some may call me a wantrepreneur. In the past, I’ve made lunch money from entrepreneurial ventures, but always given up when life got busy.  I’m determined to make this time different.

I am currently in business school so I have learned the textbook theories on marketing.  However, I have no practical experience on growing an online audience.  In my first few months of building this blog, I will be doing a lot of expert interviews with successful online entrepreneurs.  However, I’ll need to learn practical audience building skills fast or my fledgling business will fail.

I plan on being transparent to a fault with this blog.  I’ll open my books on everything.  I hope by sharing every detail of my business I can not only inspire others, but also keep myself accountable.

The Big Scary Goal

Another goal I have for this blog is to dream big.  I am going to have ambitious goals for every month.  I’m going to do everything in my power to reach those goals.  If I fail, hopefully you can learn from my mistakes.

In that spirit, I have set my first goal for this blog; to achieve 5,000 visitors in my first month.

When I say that number out loud it sounds widely ambitious. Seasoned bloggers may chuckle at my nativity for believing I can achieve something so outlandish.

The number is so large it almost seems unreal.  Like I mentioned, I have previously begun a couple of websites and blogs that made me a few dollars.  However, the total number of visitors to ever visit those sites is less than 5,000.

In other words, all the online success I have ever achieved is less than I hope to accomplish in my very first month of this blog.


So why so ambitious?  Well primarily because I know myself.  If I can start something with a win, I’m more likely to keep persevering.  This is a blog I want to produce for the long term.  I need to start strong.

Thanks for reading my very first blog post!  I’m excited you did.  It means I got at least one person to visit my blog (only 4,999 more to go)!

Stay tuned next month to see if I met my goal!  I’ll give you a detailed breakdown of how my very first month of business went.

Thanks for reading!


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